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Custom Silk Screen Printing Retail Price Sheet

Have an idea? We have an In-House Graphics Department that can help bring your ideas to life. Or we can use your own design.
An average T- shirt design runs about $100- (up to 2 dogs, $20 each additional dog or change of dog after sample design has been generated), or simple designs (just words etc. single color) we can do by the hour at a rate of $60- per hour with a $30- minimum.
All Orders Received after Noon (12pm EST) enter schedule on next day! Each job must be written as a seperate PO.
Normal Production Schedule: 7-10 working days upon receipt of PO, Art, Merchandise & Approval.
Rush Service Additional Charges (When available)
- Rush Charges of 30% (5-6 days)
- Rush Charges of 40% (3-4 days)
- Rush Charges of 50% (2-3 days) from receipt of art & merchandise.
Order Forms, artwork and merchandise must be complete prior to being put on production schedule.
All Payment Arrangements must be finalized before entering production schedule.
All prices are for First print location, additional print locations are 50% of first location, location with the most prints or most colors would be considered the primary or first location.
Prices Below Do NOT include the cost of the T-shirt, we have an online catalog with pricing that you can choose from and price your job or you can send us your merchandise for print.
Quantity 1

12-23 pcs $5.00 $7.00 $9.00 X X X
24 - 71 pcs $2.50 $3.00 $3.50 $4.00 X X
72 - 143 pcs $2.40. $2.80 $3.30 $3.80 $4.30 X
144 - 239 pcs $2.20 $2.60 $3.10 $3.60 $4.10 $4.60
240 - 359 pcs $2.00 $2.40 $2.80 $3.20 $3.70 $4.20
360 - 499 pcs $1.80 $2.20 $2.60 $3.00 $3.50 $4.00
500 - 1199 pcs $1.60 $2.00 $2.40 $2.80 $3.00 $3.20
1200 - 2499 pcs $1.40 $1.70 $2.00 $2.30 $2.60 $2.90
2499 - 4999 pcs $1.20 $1.50 $1.80 $2.10 $2.40 $2.70
5000 - 9999 pcs $1.00 $1.20 $1.40 $1.60 $1.80 $2.00
10,000 & up $0.80 $1.00 $120 $1.35 $1.50 $1.65
Mandatory $5.00 Digital Proof Charge Per Design, Per Job, Including Re-Orders.
(this is for us to check the art you sent and make sure YOUR design is print ready or not)

Set Up Charges:

Spot Color Silk Screen Prep:$10.00 per color (per location) What is a Silk Screen prep?A Silk Screen is what we use to print each color of your design onto the t-shirt, It has to be emulsioned, then each color of the design has to be burned into the emulsion on the screen using UV rays of light and a film positive to block the area's of UV light from area's of the screen that make up your design. Once your design is printed we clean and reuse the screens for other projects.

Spot Color Film positive Prep:$10.00 per color (per location) What are film Positives? These are printed copies of each color of your design on clear plastic film that is used to burn the image on the screen for print.

Colored Garments Require a white under base, Be sure to include an additional Screen & Film positive for the underbase print.

Edits require new film positives and new screens.

Re-orders only need new screen charges as long as you are using the original art; at the original size. If you are changing the original art or size of the art then we will have to also print new film positives to make the screens.

Pantone Matching is not Exact, within 90% acceptable. No Guarantee on Match of Previous Re-Order Jobs

ANY JOB OLDER THAN 2 Years, will be destroyed, New film positives will be needed.
Discharge Print: Min. 144 pcs.
+ 1 screen per location
Screen: $20.00

Standard: 14" w x 16" h max sizing (above price List is Based on this size)

Over Sized: 15"w x 19"h add $0.50 per pc. per location - 24pc. min. (Mens size small and up, only fits large and up woman sizes)
Jumbo: 20"w x 22"h add $1.00 per pc. per location LARGE size and up MENS only - 72pc min.
For larger sizes then above listed or All over prints, call for custom quote

Additional Charges:

Bags - Aprons - Flats: Add $0.50 per piece
Towels, Infant, Shorts: Add $0.50 per piece
Caps (5 Panel Only): Add $1.00 per piece
Sweats: Add $1.00 per piece
Jackets: Add $4.00 per piece
Nylon, Poly, Mesh: Add $2.00 per piece
On or Above Pocket: Add $0.50 per color/per shirt
Sleeve, Leg or Butt Print: Add $1.00 per piece (if you are already do a first print, and wanted to add a sleeve print, it would just be an additional $1.00 plus screen and film charge)
Reflective or Glow Ink: Add $2.50 per piece
Stretch Additive: Add $0.50 per piece (for stretchy items where the ink would need to be stretchable)
Metallic, Puff, Glitter: Add $1.00 per piece
Water Based or Discharge Ink: Add $1.00 - 1st color, $0.50 each additional
Flashing (On dark garments): Add $0.10 per piece
On 5,000 pc. & Up - Flashing: $0.05 per piece
Polybag and Fold: Add $0.50 per piece
Color Changes: Add $15.00 per color ( This is if you want to do the same design but change the colors around)
Sorting / Seperating Charge: $2.00 per Box

Personalization & Numbering:

Player Names 1 color: $8.00 (Silk Screened)
Numbering per digit (1 color): $3.50 (Silk Screened)

Accepted file types if you are supplying your design:
Please send us the highest DPI (quality) or vector based art that you have. We prefer .AI, .EPS files that are not bitmap embedded images. Raster images should be saved as .TIFF (one color) or .PSD document w/layers (multi-color) whenever possible. Please remember to convert all text to outlines or curves as apposed to fonts. All other formats may require additional art charges of $60.00 per hour. $15.00 minimum.
Bully Supplies owns all screens, and film positives.


International Shipments: $25 service charge plus Freight.
Drop Shipping: $7.50 per location
Shipping fees are based on weight, dimensions & zip code. We use UPS rates unless you direct us otherwise. PLEASE indicate on your shipping request form if we are shipping to a residence or a business.
Shipping Insurance requests must be on purchase order. FOB Fort Myers, FL
Wrong Address or Unspecified Residence Subject to $10.00 each UPS change.


Although our normal spoilage is insignificant, we do allow for 2% damage, (4% on darks). We will credit accounts for any spoilage in excess of one piece or 2% (4% on darks) whichever is greater.


Minimum $100.00 charge per color per location on ALL Pre-Production SAMPLE ITEMS!

Email Art and P.O. to: